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We bring best-in-class talent together to create marketing solutions that keep our clients happy.  We can help you create the brand, the vision and the big picture strategy that will accomplish short and long-term marketing goals. Bottom line? We want to help make money for you. Don’t need all our fancy services? No problem.  We do one-offs, and we pick up the ball where someone accidentally dropped it.

Our team consists of strategists, writers, graphic designers, developers, videographers, producers, project managers, SEO experts, a social media guru, an illustrator and a dog.

We’ll always like paper and print. But we thrive on internet marketing. We think stats are sexy. And we like to measure them – often. We work with everyone from the start-ups, to the well-established brand or the iconic enterprise. We’re especially fond of working with owners. As the owner, your passion is palpable. No one cares as much about your business than you. We feel that passion and it’s our job to harness it into a great solution for you.


“Connie is able to proactively identify challenges, and deliver solutions to turn those challenges into opportunities. She is very creative in finding solutions, and she drives the vision while inspiring the team.” Mogens Smed

Founder, DIRTT Environmental Solutions

“Connie is a fantastic thinker and creative force. She has a real talent for relentlessly asking questions until she really understands everything she can about the problem until she finds a solution. ” Colin Nourie

Principle & Designer, Collective Ten

“Connie is truly one of the most creative individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with on a project. She is always passionate while her motivation and enthusiasm contagiously spread. ”

Erika Carey

Partner, Partners By Design

“Connie is among the most professional, passionate and creative individuals I have met in my career; her positive and engaging nature is striking.” Geoff Gosling

Co-Founder, VP Product Development, DIRTT Environmental Solutions


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