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Welcome to Social Nectar

In very simplistic terms, Social Media is recognizing the opportunity to acknowledge the people who are already loyal to your brand while taking the time to meet new people who will get to know you, become interested in your product or service and ultimately (and eventually) invest in you. The beauty of Social Media is that you can view the statistics around your on-line Social Presence and the success of your Social Brand Strategy using any number of new technology based tools.

Your brand used to be everything, but it's not that simple anymore. Getting to know the people behind your brand is what makes people feel connected to your brand, which builds relationships, loyalty and trust. 

Keep in mind that social media should be just one facet of your entire marketing strategy.  Whether you decide to iniciate a Facebook Page, Google+ Page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, Pinterest, instagram, Slideshare, or MySpace account, it needs to be part of an overall strategy that focuses on your brand, your long term goals and your target market.  Next you must be prepared with high quality content to capture your market in a world wide web that's saturated with poor content.  Finally, setting up any social site and not engaging with it is like filling a car with a tank of gas and taking the tires off.  It might be fueled but it's not going anywhere. you need to find the rock stars who will be as loyal as a golden retreiver yet capable of handling delicate and unpredictable situations with grace and good judgement.  Like any good business, all you need as a plan. 

As a solution driven big picture thinker, I specialize in generating ideas and creating a strategy that focuses on building your on line social presence by helping to define your brand, target your market, create a social media strategy unique to your objectives and train your team to use the Social Media Platforms best suited for your business to create a powerful team of loyalists.  

I am also deeply impassioned by teaching counselors, educators, teenagers and their parents how to keep their on line experience safe and positive by teaching them about the harm of bullying, posting pictures that may effect their future opportunities, and by redirecting them to use social sites to create goals and promote their talents.  I welcome the opportunity to visit your school. 

- @conniecermak