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Everyone knows what marketing is, but I am often asked what is a Creative Strategist?

A creative strategist is somebody with unique answers – a blend of a big picture thinker, an ideas person and a problem solver. Creating a strategy for my clients that includes ideas unique to their goals and their target market is only half of what I do.  The other half includes incorporating those ideas into a long term strategy with a well articulated plan of action.

I am a wildly creative explorer of solutions with the unique gift to come up with lots of ideas, think them through for their viability, and deliver them clearly through words and hand drawn sketches. I’m never at a loss for passion and while grounded in reality, my enthusiastic approach is contagious.

I work with some of the best subcontractors in Flathead Montana, as well as Chicago and Seattle to drive the vision of your brand into a cohesive message built using words and imagery.  Working with a very talented and diverse pool of professionals enables me to create photo’s, video, graphic design and everything it takes to create the highest quality content that your budget allows so that your brand and the message you’re sending out to your marker is strong and consistent.


I am excited to be working with Robert Caruso, better known as @Fondalo.  Together we provide Social Media Workshops for your organization. Read more about our dynamic duo offerings here →

I am currently accepting new clients and always welcome an hour phone consultation (fee based) that will provide you with 3-5 initial steps to jump start your online marketing based on whether your business is a Start-Up; Small Business; an Industry Leader; or Self-Employed.

To schedule your Phone Consultation, follow this link –>

Presentation Coaching

My Creative Strategy Presentations will help you master your message effectively, efficiently and creatively. With my good friend, Diana Damron, we have over 25 years of Creative Strategy Presentation experience that will take your audience on a storytelling adventure.

{ Think about of all those awe inspiring Ted Talks! }

Diana and I  have crafted a new product, Presentation Overhaul – 5 simple ways to effectively win over your audience and master your message. For more information about this exciting new presentation –>

Keeping Kids Safe on Line

My passion for online media extends beyond the business consulting and presentation coaching. With Chris Perez and Leigh Schickendantz, we’ve teamed up together to provide presentations which include case studies and informative discussions on how to keep teens, parents, educators and law enforcement educated about  Social Safety.

Our goal is to show young people the amazing online opportunities for Social Good and to use the internet to create their goals and promote their talents. We also encourage parents and mentors to be champions for their kids and how to monitor their online activity while protecting their privacy.

To learn more about our Social Safety presentations and workshops, please

I look forward to connecting with you!




Ways to Work With Connie

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