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As a solution driven big picture thinker, I specialize in generating Big Ideas and Creating Strategies that focus on building the ideal online presence for your brand.

My job as a Consultant is to create a social media strategy that fits into your main business’ overall objective, train your employees to be online brand advocates and grow a powerful team of consumer loyalists.

Creative Strategy is the ability to deliver a message effectively, efficiently and creatively. I coach visual presentation skills with my good friend, Diana Damron. Together, we have over 25 years of Creative Strategy presentation experience. A powerful presentation has the ability to engage, persuade and take the audience on a storytelling adventure. { Think of all those Ted Talks }  We have crafted a new product, Presentation Overhaul – 5 simple ways to effectively win over your audience and master your message.

My passion for online media extends beyond the business consulting and presentation coaching. I am dedicated to educating school counselors, educators, teenagers and their parents about online Social Safety.  I travel all over the country teaching the importance of online behavior and the devastating effects of Online Bullying. My goal is to show young people the amazing online opportunities for Social Good and to use the internet to create their Goals and promote their Talents.  I  also encourage parents and mentors to be champions for these kids and how to monitor their online activity while protecting their privacy.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with your business, conference, seminar, community, schools or special events. Connie_Signature



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