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What People Say

Mogens-SmedMogens Smed

 “Connie is able to work with a diverse group of people and proactively identify challenges, but more importantly deliver solutions to turn those challenges into opportunities. Connie was also very creative in finding the solution, and I feel her strong design background was imperative in always having a fresh approach which ultimately spawned innovative ideas.  Connie is a very strong leader, and has the ability to drive a vision while inspiring the team working with her.”






Mary Jo Naive

“Connie not only knows her way around social networking sites, but has endless great marketing ideas which she is able to implement, monitor and translate into something I understand .”






Geoff Gosling  

“As a Partner at DIRTT Environmental Solutions I have had the great privilege to work with Connie on a variety of projects and explorations. She has a remarkable ability to connect with people; she brings out the best in others and builds relationships that endure. She is among the most professional, passionate and creative individuals I have met in my career; her positive and engaging nature is striking.”





Laura Blankenship

“Connie is the best at social media and marketing concepts that businesses need to wrap their “wings” around if they want to succeed in todays business world! Her creative ideas are unlimited.”





Erika Carey

 “Connie distinguishes herself by consistently and naturally relating to others of all ages and disciplines. She is always energetic, cheerful, passionate and willing to assist others while her motivation and enthusiasm contagiously spreads to whoever she’s working with. She is truly one of the most creative individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”





 Dawayne Lamkin  

“Connie is the most exciting and informational guest speaker I have ever experienced! She is an expert in her field, with an endless number of ideas!”





Amanda Eich

 “Connie is fantastic to work with and always open to explore and encourage new ideas and directions. In the end, the solutions she facilitates feel sound because we had explored all the options. As an overall creative person, it’s been fantastic to work with her in my new venture as her creative advice has been invaluable from a marketing standpoint.”





Colin Nourie

“Connie was a fantastic thinker and creative force during our time working together. She always seems to have a really contagious open and positive attitude which she generously spreads around. Connie has a real talent for relentlessly asking questions until she really understands everything she can about the problem or issue. As a really seasoned professional, I never saw her back down from a challenge presented to her, be it creative or managerial. ”





Carrie Burnham

“Connie’s speaking is simply amazing. We all left with so much information.  We have never had a presentation that kept us on the edge of our seats for that long – with everyone begging for you to come back and share again.”





Lori Giardina

“I had the absolute pleasure of attending Connie’s presentation to the Lakeside Somers Chamber of Commerce. It was the most enjoyable program that the chamber has ever had!”





Tom Haupt

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Connie at a 3 day leadership conference I facilitated. She was engaging, insightful and willing to be open to growth. She is a powerful woman with a presence and she is clear in what’s next and pursuing it. She is a joy to be around and I highly recommend her skills as a visionary to support you in your companies needs!”  Tom is an International Leadership Trainer and author of the book Time Out! Winning Strategies for Playing a Bigger Game in Life. 





Megan Todoroff Kmon

“Connie is one of those rare professionals you come across once in a blue moon. Connie is a social media guru who lives and breathes it,  believes in it and approaches it with a sophisticated sense of mutual promotion. Her “systems” knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, blogging, vlogging, smart phone apps – and virtually every other form of social networking is extensive. In a patient, easy-to-understand format, she’ll guide you through the basics to every nook and cranny of each platform to show you how to best leverage it for your business’ success.  Connie applies the basic rules of professionalism, grace, tact, and respect in all of her posts and interactions, and encourages the same with her clients.  I was immediately – and continue to be – struck by her kindness, honesty, down-to-earth nature, and ability to laugh while working. Connie is constantly on top of the power curve, researching and staying abreast of the newest technologies, trends, and changes in the world of social media.  I recommend Connie to everyone, and will never partner with anyone else when it comes to social media.”





Brian Shapland

“Connie is a deeply impassioned critical thinker. She is a people connector with an unending capacity for making introductions. Her constant thirst for knowledge and zeal to improve herself has been displayed by her well rounded career choices as well as her interests in the books and magazines she reads and the technology that she continually researches and is eager to learn.”





Jennah Mitchell

“Connie is an expert in her field and is committed to continually honing her skills and expanding her craft. Her drive and zeal are a breath of fresh air in an often stale creative and technical field, and I recommend her often to my acquaintances and clients. If you want professionalism, integrity, passion, and knowledge on your side, Connie is a truly excellent choice.”  Jennah is an author and blogger at Only True North. 

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