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Social Safety & Awareness

Keeping Our Kids Safe Online – Social Safety and Awareness Presentations

Today’s smartphones have created an ease of communication that we often enjoy and take for granted. At the same time, the technosapien age  is creating a society lacking in good judgement as much as intonation and eye contact.  This lack of awareness opens the door to everything from bullying to sexual exploitation and predator stalking.

Here’s a couple of facts to consider about Online Safety and Social Awareness:

  • Did you know that pictures deleted from your phone remain on the phone’s microchip forever?
  • Did you know that light being emitted from smartphones and tablets can suppress levels of the hormone melatonin which effects our sleep cycles?
  • Did you know that kids are less likely to engage in inappropriate behavior if the computer is in a common room?
  • Did you know that the overuse of smartphones is currently being considered an addiction equal to the addiction of mind altering drugs?

I’ve teamed with highly seasoned professionals who’s mission is to educate parents, educators, law enforcement and our community on how and where predators find their victims, what they look for in prospective victims,  and how to keep our community safe from social ignorance.

We also inform participants on how social media can be used to help make new connections and increase the likelihood of success after graduation.

“The most effective approach to keeping people safe from on line predators is to educate ourselves about how and where they find their victims, and how to prevent them from ever getting their foot in the door.”

Meet the Team

Chris PerezChris Pérez, M.Ed.  I’ve known Chris for over twenty years and have deep respect and admiration for his skills as a communicator and compassion as a human being. Chris draws on his experience from both fields of clinical behavioral health and  criminal investigations. He is a qualified forensic interviewer and has extensive experience working with victims of abuse and seeking out sex offenders. He is a veteran criminal investigator who has managed complex, internet based investigations and worked undercover online to intercept online sex offenders. Chris provides relevant, up to date information about sex offender behavior and common pitfalls for youth online.

Chris also instructs police and civilian clients on appropriate methods for dealing with people with mental illness, focusing on safe strategies for everyone. He has provided instruction and consulted numerous businesses, municipal and federal law enforcement agencies. Chris is also proud to serve as an adjunct college professor.


Leigh Schickendantz, M.A. LCPC  I met Leigh of Two Rivers Consulting in 2010 and was immediately intrigued by her overall sense of peace, compassion and dedication to addressing the serious social issues that exist in our community.  Living and working in the Flathead valley of Montana as a counselor, consultant, and aikido practitioner are but a few of the loves of Leigh’s life.

Her passion for counseling and consulting have given her the opportunity, since the early 90’s, to serve humanity through hospice work, design and implementation of intensive family and youth programs, leadership workshops and retreats, and clinical trainings for school staff, juvenile justice, Department of Health and Human Services, and therapeutic group homes..

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