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Social Media

Is your marketing plan rock solid but you need help creating a social media strategy?  I would love to help you with that.

Many marketing professionals are very busy creating their print media, magazine ads, sending out newsletters and any number of things that fall under this giant umbrella of necessity!  If you have a rock solid marketing plan but no social media strategy, or you simply want someone to administer your social media accounts for you, write your blog or get help with defining or creating your content, please fill out the form below. Connie would love to speak with you.

A Creative Approach to a Socially Responsible Business – A Social Media worshop presented by  Robert Caruso & Connie Cermak

Robert Caruso

Robert Caruso and I met years ago on Twitter.  We immediately hit it off after recognizing our similar values, beliefs and our overall approach to service and strategy.

(Check out what has to say about Robert!)

Robert and I believe that there are no cutting corners when it comes to “doing social” correctly.

Together, we provide a one of two day Social Media Boot Camp that provides the following:

  • learn how to evaluate your existing website for improvement
  • learn about each of the trending social media accounts and which ones are most suited to your needs
  • learn how to define your target market and build relationships versus just “throwing content out there”
  • learn everything needed to create a comprehensive, short and long term marketing strategy.

Robert is a strong headed, opinionated Italian, while I am an impassioned, creative Bohemian, and while we don’t always agree on everything, we are the perfect yin-yang to work with.

We both are grounded in reality and focused on the return of your investment. We both agree that consistency is critical to the overall long term success of your brand and the message that you’re conveying to your target market.

Our mission is to help your business be more effective, efficient and profitable with a solid social media marketing strategy that your own staff can facilitate.

Workshops are customized to the number of employees in your organization and the goals that you want to meet.  (Note: Weekend Workshops are available on a limited basis and fees are higher to attend). 

Interested in working with us? Fill out our Form below and let us know what are you are interested in.

(Note: Administration only is only available for clients who have done a comprehensive evaluation.)

Work With Connie & Robert

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