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Marketing Consultation

Do you have questions about SEO marketing, social media strategy, content marketing or you simply don’t know where to begin?


Would you like to pick my brain about Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Start Up Strategy, or other marketing questions?

Awesome, I’d love to help!

Let’s connect through my new marketing mentor service, Talk With Connie. This is a personalized one-to-one phone consultations service where I can answer direct questions to your marketing concerns.

Here’s how it works:

  • A 60 minute pre-scheduled phone call
  • My experience and expertise analysis of your specific marketing questions.
  • Direct and honest feedback on your marketing goals, social media objectives along with a general website review.
  • My personal Rock Star List of professionals that I’ve worked with and highly recommend.
  • 3 – 5 Action Items that you can implement immediately to jump start your business.

My  personalized marketing mentor service is $125/hour.  My professional advice will save you lots of frustration time trying to figure out all the marketing pieces on your own. By using this service, I will help you to focus on specific and actionable items that will be a road map to marketing your business.

Not every business has the luxury of their own Marketing Department with a staff of 100 people. Most of us ( including me!) have to figure running our business on our own, or learn from mentors who can help show us the way.

With over 25 years of marketing experience, I know this service is valuable for each and every business. If you need clarity on your business goals or wonder if your making the right move at the right time for your business, then this service is designed for YOU.

Let’s Do This! Click – Fill – Fee – Talk

CLICK on the “Talk to Me” button below.  It will go to my Schedule A Consultation Page.  If you decide to work with me and my team on a comprehensive, big picture proposal, your $125 investment will be credited toward our contract.

FILL out the form.

FEE payment is super easy to use via PayPal. Either use your account, Bill Me Later or the Debit/Credit Card features.

TALK times will be set up for one hour.

I look forward to hearing about your business and helping you with your marketing needs.

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