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Discretion Advised




Discretion Advised

It was a hot summer night and we were celebrating the 50th birthday of a friend who’s also a father to a 19-year-old young man.  The band was playing and a bon fire was burning when the son challenged his Dad to a ‘beer chugging stand-off.’  With parents, teens, and teachers cheering on the Dad, the celebratory right of passage finished with a series of high 5’s.

What’s wrong with this story has little to do with an under age college boy chugging a beer with his Dad and everything to do with the lack of discretion shown by the surrounding teens. Caught up in the moment, several of them videotaped the event and posted it to their favorite social sites.

Instead of letting the memories of the moment stay with the two participants, they made it public,  with no discretion.  Additionally, they never paused to think that posting a video of an under aged student drinking with teachers cheering them on might look questionable to the school district.


It’s time to teach our teens that there’s a time and a place for posting pictures, and not all pictures are theirs to post.

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