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If You’re Looking For Creative Strategy Then You’ve Come to the Right Place

A creative strategy is the overall plan developed to market your message to your target audience. Somewhat similar to a mission statement, it  drives the decisions that you make about your brand, your message, what you post onto your website and all of your social networking sites. It also provides your team with direction on the design of you your print collateral, and the message presented in ads that you place. Having an overall plan gives your business and your staff the direction needed to ensure that a cohesive brand and well developed message is presented to your customers, and that you’re able to better position yourself appropriately in the market. Having a well developed, marketing strategy also makes it easier to assign tasks to your team so that everyone can participate in executing the strategy on a small, or large scale.

A firm believer that the team is better than the individual, Connie collaborates very closely with Juice Creative out of Seattle and FlyGirls located in Northwestern Montana.  Together these powerfully creative teams create a personal and memorable strategy for your brand.


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